BHARP Resources

BHARP and Community Care collaborate with providers and county stakeholders to support the implementation of Trauma-Informed Care (TIC) practices. This page contains a list of providers that have earned the Trauma Informed Care Center Designation.

BHHEP is a tuition reimbursement program designed by BHARP and its member counties to increase the availability of high-quality candidates for the behavioral health HealthChoices provider network. The ultimate goal is to increase access to behavioral health services for our members by increasing provider staffing levels.

Important links and information for suicide prevention resources, broken down by county.

A PDF complete with links to several suicide prevention resources for members, families, education systems, providers, and more.

The AIC SCA is interested in developing a Recovery House that will serve adult males and is near public transportation. The goal of this licensed Recovery House program will be to provide safe, sober and affordable community-based housing that meets the needs of individuals in recovery from substance use disorders by providing a structured, affordable and stable living environment.

Program Advisory Committees

The SUD Program Advisory Committee guides BHARP’s Executive Committee in matters pertaining to substance use disorder.  It works collaboratively, proactively, and creatively with system partners to improve behavioral health through deepening our understanding of substance use disorder and investigating innovative approaches to reduce its consequences for members, and their families.

The Children’s Program Advisory Committee’s mission is to promote, develop and sustain a strong and accessible array of clinical services and supports to the youth and families of the BHARP member counties.

The purpose of the MH/ID Committee is to provide a platform for sharing of resources, ideas, and coordination and delivery of services for individuals identified as having both a developmental disability and a mental health diagnosis. This unique population often accesses services across multiple service delivery systems.

The expert management of the HealthChoices contracts across PA has led to cost efficiencies resulting in reinvestment funds. These funds are used to develop and/or expand services for HealthChoices members. BHARP works collaboratively with the Managed Care Organization to categorize priorities aimed at identifying county needs and determining ways to plan for reinvestment projects.

The BHARP Network Committee is comprised of representatives from our 24 Member Counties, and the contracted BH-MCO (Behavioral Health Managed Care Organization). Their goal is to ensure there is a recovery-focused, culturally competent, and stable network by predicting and responding to emergent, urgent, and ongoing network needs. The Network will be member-focused to include special populations and will encompass a high quality, cost-effective continuum of care.

External Resources

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