Honesdale, PA – On November 7, 2022, the Behavioral Health Alliance of Rural Pennsylvania (BHARP) and Community Care Behavioral Health Organization (CCBH) held a recognition ceremony in Honesdale, Pennsylvania, to celebrate PA Treatment and Healing’s (PATH) trauma certification.  This follows PATH’s participation in the North Central Trauma Informed Care Initiative and exemplary achievement in completing the program.

“The Wayne County SCA is very pleased to have PATH as a trauma certified center providing OP SUD treatment to Wayne County residents,” said Jeff Zerechak, the SCA, or single county authority, Director for Wayne County Drug and Alcohol.   “Trauma is a factor in the lives of so many battling SUD, and without trained professionals to address it, it holds folks back from realizing their full potential in recovery. Even worse it can lead to relapse and an unstable recovery pattern.  Wayne SCA would like to thank both BHARP and CCBH for making crisis training and certification a priority and PATH for recognizing how important providing this type of care is and doing the work to become certified.”

The providers involved in this program work to achieve expertise in trauma informed care, which involves trauma-specific treatment for individuals.  They also create a trauma informed care culture within their organization.  Additionally, one of their other goals is to successfully promote safety for staff and individuals within the program.

If you would like more information on BHARP or the North Central Trauma Informed Care Initiative, please contact Brenda Fry at bfry@bharp.org.

Photo Left to right:

  • Margaret EnnisAdministrator, Wayne County
  • Kenneth Bascom, Project Director, PA Treatment and Healing
  • Sally Walker, CEO, BHARP
  • Jeff Zerechak, SCA Director, Wayne County Drug and Alcohol
  • Aracely Miller, President/CEO, PA Treatment and Healing
  • Rose Schoch, HR Staff, PA Treatment and Healing
  • Heather Haefner, Director of Finance, PA Treatment and Healing
  • Samantha Rowan, Care Manager, Community Care Behavioral Health
  • Felicia Stehley, Regional Director-North Central, Community Care Behavioral Health
  • Julie Persing, North Central Clinical Manager, Community Care Behavioral Health

Photo credit: BHARP