BHHEP is a tuition reimbursement program designed by BHARP and its member counties to increase the availability of high-quality candidates for the behavioral health HealthChoices provider network. The ultimate goal is to increase access to behavioral health services for our members by increasing provider staffing levels.

BHHEP is designed to provide prospective bachelors-level college students in Pennsylvania with the opportunity to have the program pay for their entire senior year of classes. In exchange, students would complete an internship with a provider during college and be placed with the same provider for two years of employment after graduation.

Who is Involved?

BHHEP - Who is involved?

The counties are the student’s primary contact and provide oversight of the student’s program. The counties select the provider(s) that will participate in the program. The counties also either select or delegate selection of the colleges/universities participating in the program. The counties may also be involved in the selection of students to participate in the program.

The provider is the entity with which the student will complete an internship during their senior year and, additionally, complete two years of employment with that same provider following graduation. The internship experience requirement is designed to ensure that both students and providers are a quality match, which will lead to the success of the individual with the provider.

The college/university is the entity that is ultimately connected to both the county and the provider and finds qualified students who may take advantage of BHHEP.

The BHHEP Advisory Council is a panel of five counties that provides general decision making and overall communication regarding BHHEP.

BHARP fulfills an administrative role in the development of necessary documents, ensures payments are made to colleges/universities for the student’s senior year, and facilitates the BHHEP Advisory Council meetings.

Who can Apply?

BHHEP may be available at your college/university and is not limited to a specific college/university.

To apply a student must:

  • Be a junior in an accredited college or university.
  • Have a genuine interest in the behavioral health field.

How to Apply?

To apply to BHHEP, a prospective student must provide the following items:

  1. A BHHEP Application
  2. The following documents:
    • A current resume
    • A letter of recommendation from the student’s college/university faculty member advocating for participation in BHHEP
    • A personal statement from the student on why they are a good fit for the program
    • A copy of transcripts (unofficial copy is acceptable)
    • A copy of the student’s driver’s license

Please submit all above listed required materials securely to:

Downloadable Flyers and Posters