BHARP Resources

BHARP and Community Care collaborate with providers and county stakeholders to support the implementation of Trauma-Informed Care (TIC) practices. This page contains a list of providers that have earned the Trauma Informed Care Center Designation.

BHHEP is a tuition reimbursement program designed by BHARP and its member counties to increase the availability of high-quality candidates for the behavioral health HealthChoices provider network. The ultimate goal is to increase access to behavioral health services for our members by increasing provider staffing levels.

Quality Team:

The Quality Department at BHARP works in collaboration with Community Care Behavioral Health as a part of a continuous quality improvement process to ensure that HealthChoices members in the BHARP region receive the highest quality services. The department is staffed by a Quality Director, two Quality Clinicians, a Special Projects Manager, a Consumer/Family Satisfaction Team (C/FST) Director, a Stakeholder Engagement Specialist (SES), and a Clinical Coordinator.