On March 29, 2023, the Behavioral Health Alliance of Rural Pennsylvania (BHARP) and Community Care Behavioral Health Organization held a recognition ceremony in Clearfield, Pennsylvania, to celebrate Cen-Clear Clearfield’s trauma re-certification.  This follows Cen-Clear’s participation in the North Central Trauma Informed Care Initiative and exemplary achievement in completing the program.

“It is so wonderful to see the commitment and passion that CenClear has in supporting trauma-informed care for the people they are serving,” said Lyndra Bills, MD, the Senior Medical Director, CCBH.  “Congratulations to their whole team for the success in being a Trauma Informed Care Center.”

The providers involved in the program work to achieve expertise in trauma informed care, which involves trauma-specific treatment for individuals.  They also create a trauma informed care culture within their organization.  Additionally, one of their other goals is to successfully promote safety for staff and individuals within the program.

If you would like more information on BHARP or the North Central Trauma Informed Care Initiative, please contact Brenda Fry at bfry@bharp.org.


Left to right:

Alayna Adams, CenClear

Ashley Curley, SUD Therapist, CenClear

Loralie Finley, Regional Manager, CenClear

Cheri Casher, Clinical Supervisor, CenClear

Sally Walker, CEO, BHARP

Justin Wolford, Director of Outpatient Services, CenClear

Kara Haberberger, Associate Regional Director, Community Care Behavioral Health

Mike Gwin, Community Relations Coordinator, Community Care Behavioral Health

Photo credit: BHARP