On March 29, 2023, a large group from the Behavioral Health Alliance of Rural Pennsylvania (BHARP) and Community Care Behavioral Health Organization held a recognition ceremony in Huntingdon, Pennsylvania, to celebrate Mainstream Counseling, Inc.’s trauma re-certification.  This follows Mainstream’s participation in the North Central Trauma Informed Care Initiative and exemplary achievement in completing the program.

“It is a privilege to be part of the recognition ceremony for Mainstream Counseling,” said Mike Hannon, Executive Director of the Juanita Valley Tri-County Drug and Alcohol Abuse Commission.  “The hard work and dedication of Mainstream Counseling is a valuable asset to the residents of Huntingdon County.  Mainstream Counseling continues to evolve with the drug and alcohol field and this achievement is evidence of that. Mainstream is driven by providing quality treatment to their clients and because of that it is an honor to have them as a provider.”

Dr. RaeAnn Taylor, Director of Psychological Services at Community Care Behavioral Health, added, “Mainstream Counseling Inc. has successfully planted and harvested the seeds which have grown into a thriving trauma informed practice and organizational culture! They have participated in a Trauma Informed Care partnership with BHARP and Community Care Behavioral Health Organization, including the Trauma Informed Care Center (TICC) initiative since its inception in September 2016.  Mainstream Counseling has been exceptional in their commitment to this work by maintaining this designation with an exemplary score in both 2021 and 2023! They always put the safety of their clients first and they are passionate about assuring that all aspects of their program are trauma informed by maintaining a trauma informed organizational culture.”

The providers involved in the program, such as Mainstream, work to achieve expertise in trauma informed care, which involves trauma-specific treatment for individuals.  They also create a trauma informed care culture within their organization.  Additionally, one of their other goals is to successfully promote safety for staff and individuals within the program.

If you would like more information on BHARP or the North Central Trauma Informed Care Initiative, please contact Brenda Fry at bfry@bharp.org.


Ceremony attendees from left to right:

Melody Fortney, BSSW; Intake Coordinator

Lonnie Wagner Woomer, LCSW;Executive Director

Carol Wenner, LCSW; Board Member

Julie Gutowski, LCSW; Director

Sally Walker, CEO, BHARP

Mike Hannon, Executive Director, Juanita Valley Tri-County Drug and Alcohol Abuse Commission

Beth Williams, LSW; Counselor

Micaela Mills, Fiscal Officer at Juanita Valley Tri-County Drug and Alcohol Abuse Commission

Billi Goss, Project Manager, Community Care Behavioral Health

Anne Michelle Butler, BS; Deputy Director

Felicia Stehley, Director, Community Care Behavioral Health


Photo credit: BHARP